Frequently Asked Questions

Applying Online

How do I apply online?

You can apply online at on Contractor Transition website or by clicking here. Use our filtration system to find the position you are looking for.

Can I apply for more than one position?

Yes, please apply for your current position and then any other positions that may interest you.

I can't find my current positon. What do I do?

Your current position may be titled differently. Please use our "Category" feature to narrow down the job postings. You can review the job description to make sure you are applying for the correct position. If you are still having trouble please email or click the button at the top, when emailing state your current position.

What information or documents do I need before I apply?

You will need a resume and a recent check stub to upload. Make sure to have these digital files available. If you are applying for a job that requires licenses, please have these readily available.

Can I apply with my Job Corps email?

Yes you can, however, we recommend applying with your personal email. Completeing the onboarding through Job Corps email may cause technical issues.

When is the deadline for applications?

The deadline for applications will be Monday May 3, 2021. We start interviews immediately, the first week of May

About Serrato Corporation

Who is Serrato Corporation?

Serrato Corporation is a Service Disabled Veteran and Hispanic owned small business created on the premise that the foundation of a good business is the effective delivery of services. Serrato is completely dedicated to delivering quality education and services to our expanding clientele. Through leadership, partnerships, and a focused business plan, we have developed a solid reputation as a top-notch service provider to government agencies, commercial businesses, and academic institutions.

Why work for Serrato Corporation?

We are company that lives it's core values that embraces diversity. We strive to give back to the communtiy in particularly the youth.

What is Serrato Corproation's Core Values?

Serrato Corporation has set values to support the vision, mission, and culture of what the company represents. Serrato Corporation’s vision is the aspirational goal to rebuild a resilient sustainable workforce. Serrato Corporation’s mission to achieve the vision is to equip young adults with the necessary tools to sustain social and economic selfsufficiency summary. Serrato Corporation stands by its core values by provided behavioral guidelines for pursuing the mission and vision. Embrace, Educate, Equip, and Empower, also known as E4, is the core values.

Who is the CEO of Serrato Coporation?

Ramon Serrato is our president and CEO. To read more information about him click here.

Where can I read more information about your team?

You can read about our team by clicking here.


When are interviews?

Interviews will start on Tuesday, May 4, 2021. Those who applied will be notified for a virtual interview.

What do I need for my Virtual Interview?

Since all interviews are virtual, you won't need anything.

When is my interivew scheduled?

You will be notified by email or phone of your scheduled interview time. Please keep checking your email as scheduled interviews may be short notice as we start interviews on May 3rd.

Are interviews in person?

No, all interviews are conducted virtually.


When do I get paid?

Friday April 16th will be the first pay date and the pay period will be April 1-11.

I'm not sure how to fill out my taxes, who can I contact?

We have a "Wizard" feature that will help guide you through completing your tax forms. If you need help on what to claim for your taxes, please seek a tax professional. Serrato Corporation does not advise what an employee should claim.

How offen am I paid?

You are paid bi-weekly on every other Friday, 26 times a year.

Do I need to bring in a voided check for direct deposit?

No, you will not need to bring this in. You will input your banking information electronically during onboarding.

Am I able to change my taxes at any time?

Yes, you are able to change your taxes at anytime in the employee portal.

Is there a portal where I can view my payroll information?

Yes we have an employee portal, this is the same login screen that you will complete your onboarding make sure to save your username and password to access at anytime. Click here for the direct link.

When can I use my PTO?

You will be able to use your PTO after 90 days. You will still accrue PTO but this will not show until the 90 days is approaching.

I have schedule time off during the first 90 days, will this be unpaid?

Yes, this will be unpaid, please let us know as soon as possible of any scheuled time off.


What benefits does Serrato Corporation offer?

For fulltime employees, we offer a full health care package, paid time off, paid holidays, tuition reimbursement, employee assistance program, and 401K. Part-time employees are offered some and/or partial of the benefits listed, more information will be given during onboarding.

What health insurance does Serrato Corporation offer?

Serrato Corproation offers medical, dental, vision, basic life insurance, buy-up life insurance, short-term disability, long-term disbaility, critital illness insurance, accident insurance, flexible spending account, and a health savings account.

What does Serrato Corporation offer for free?

All full-time employees are offered free basic life insurance, short-term disability, and long-term disability. The products are all employer-paid at no cost to the employee. All full-time employees will automatically be enrolled. Serrato Corporation also offers a free medical plan for employee only, adding dependents to this free plan will result in a premium cost.

When can I sign up for 401K?

You can sign up for 401K when you are approaching your 6-month anniversary date. You will not be able to sign up at the time of hire. More information about our 401K program will be given to you during your onboarding.

When does my health insurance start?

If you sign up for health insurance, this will start the day of your hire date 06-01-2021, only if you begin employment when the contract starts. If you begin employment after 06-01-2021, you are subject to a waiting period.

How many paid days off do I receive?

The number of paid days off you will recieve is based on your length of service with Job Corps. For more information see our paid time off policy during onboarding.

Which holidays are paid?

Serrato Corporation observes majority of the federal holidays. During onboarding, you will receive a specific holiday list.

What is the Employee Assistance Program?

Serrat Corporation offers an Employee Assistance Program to help with the challenges of everyday life. You can meet with licensed consultants over the phone or via web-video, and are completely confidential. For more information, see the EAP flyer in the Employee Portal.

Does Serrato Corproation offer a virtual doctor or Teledoc?

Yes, we offer a verion called 98point6 and doctors are available 24/7/365 to provide quality care through the convenience of text consults. For more information please see our Benefits Overview document during your onboarding.

When am I eligible for Tuition Reimbursement?

You will be elgible after 6 months of employement. Please see our Tuition Reimbursement policy for more information during the onboarding.

Will insurance premiums be deducted on my first check?

Yes, your regular payment of insurance premium will be deducted on your first check. For the amount of your insurance premium see your benefits summary by logging into the benefits portal.

Since we get paid 26 times a year, do insurance premiums come out on every check?

Yes, our premium calculations are based on a 26 deduction plan, therefore, every check of the year will have a premium deduction.

Benefits Enrollment

Will there be information given on health insurance?

Yes, we will be holding benefits meetings. We will go over plans, products, costs ect. More detailed information to come.

How much does insurance cost?

We will be going over costs during the benefits meetings.

What if I am unable to attend the benefits meeting?

During your onboarding, there is a section called "Health Benefits" that will go over plans, costs, and products. We have informational video presentations available during the onboarding.

Where can I sign up for benefits?

During onboarinding, there will be a section call "Health Benefits", in this section, there is a link to our benefits portal for you to enroll. You may also access this direct link by clicking here.

What is the Company Identifier?

You may get prompted to enter in a company ID. This is "Serrato".

I'm having issues logging in.

If you are having issues logging in please make sure that you 1. are not logged onto the Job Corps Citrix portal, please log in outside of Citrix 2. are using the browser Google Chrome or Internet explorer 3. use the correct web address and company ID (Serrato). Click here for the direct link 4. use the correct username and password. Please see instructions here. If you are still having issues please describe in detail what issue you are experiencing, and email

Am I able to change my benefits during the year at anytime?

No, you will not be able to change your benefits at anytime, unless you have a qualifying event such as marriage, having a baby, etc. You are able to make changes to your benefits up to 30 days after your effective date. You can change your benefits only during the new hire phase or Open Enrollment. Please see our policy on Health Benefits during your onboarding.

When is the next Open Enrollment?

The next open enrollment will be during the months of March/April with an effective date of May 1st of every year.

When will I receive my insurance cards?

You will receive your insruance cards around the first week of November, it takes up to 10 business days after enrollment has been completed, please be sure to sign up for benefits by the deadline to prevent any delays. You can always print a temporary card from, you will need to create an account by clicking here. Also, you will not receive insurance cards for Dental/VIsion, you will use your Social Security Number instead.

When will I recieve my debit card for FSA/HSA?

If you enroll in FSA or HSA you should receive your debit card by the first week of November, please make sure to sign up by the deadline to prevent any delays. THis takes about 10-15 business days after enrollment has been completed.

Can I make changes to my benefits if I changed my mind?

You will only be abe to make changes to your benefits 30 days past your effective date. All changes will reflect in payroll.

I can't find my insurance cards on the benefits portal.

Your insurance cards will not be housed on Serrato Corporation's benefits portal. You will need to create an account at by clicking here.

Where can I find my medical information or insurance card?

You can find your medical information and insurance information at Click here to register for an account. You will not receive insurance cards for Dental or Vision, you will use your social security number instead.

Who are the insurance carriers?

Our medical insurance is through Aetna. Everything else including dental and vision are through Metlife.

When is the deadline to sign up for benefits?

May 31st. If you miss your window of signing up for beneifts you will have to wait until the next open enrollment.

When can I sign up for benefits?

You can start signing up for benefits during your onboarding.

Offer Letters

How will I receive my offer letter?

You will receive your offer letter to the email address you used to apply. Please make sure to check your junk/spam folder.

When will I receive my offer letter?

Offer Letters will be sent out by the end of the beginning of the 3rd week in May. If you have not received your offer letter by May 19, 2021. Contact Please be sure to check your junk/spam folder.

How long do I have to accept/sign the offer letter?

We ask for acceptance within 24 hours or by the next business day.

How do I accept my offer letter?

You will sign your offer letter electronically, your date of birth and social security number will be required to accept an offer. After you sign the offer you will be required to sign your job description and performance standards. All three documents will be required to sign to fully complete the acceptance.

Do I have to sign additional documents?

Yes, in addition to the offer letter, all employees will be required to digitally sign thier job description and performance standards. We will also provide our policy on Background Checks and Drug Screens that will need to be signed. All 5 documents are required to be digitally signed to fully accept the employment offer.


When will I receive my onboarding paperwork?

You should receive your onboarding paperwork to your email about 48 hours after you have signed your offer letter. You will click the link provided and register for your account. Please make sure to check your junk/spam folder.

I'm getting a message saying my creditials are not found.

If you are getting this message, please make sure you have fully signed your offer letter, you should get an email stating so. If you have signed your offer letter, please wait up to 48 hours after your signed offer letter to register. Also, please make sure that you have not already registered for an account, if you have already registered do a reset password. If you are still having issues, please email

I forgot my password.

If you forget your password please do password reset by clicking here.

How do I fill out my new hire paperwork?

New hire paperwork will be completely online. You will receive an email from FOCUS HR Prism to create your account. If you do not receive an email, please check your junk mail. Your new hire onboarding information will contain forms and documents to sign and fill out: tax information, direct deposit, benefits information, policy acknowledgements, ect.

I can't find the onboarding email or I accidently deleted this.

If you can't find the onboarding email, please register directly for the employee portal by clicking here.

I'm getting stuck on a screen and can't move forward.

If you are stuck, make sure you are completing all the required fields within the screen and make sure you are checking the acknowledement boxes. Also, be sure not to complete the onboarding through Citrix portal. This needs to be completed outside of Citrix. If you are still having issues email with a screenshot of your issue to better assist you.

I'm getting an error message.

We will have to look into the reason for the error message. Please send a screen shot to of your error message to better assist you.

It's saying my information doesn't match.

Our records may have a different spelling of your name or other personal information. Please email of this issue.

I'm having technical issues.

If you are having issues completing some sections, please make sure you are doing this outside of the Citrix portal. The best way to complete is off center. If you are completing outside of Citrix, email and describe your issue, a screen shot of the error will help to better assist you.

Can I complete this on a mobile phone or other mobile devices?

Yes, you may complete this on a mobile device. Just keep in mind that if you are having technical issues, please switch to a computer first to see if this solves the issues.

If I'm depositing my whole check to one account, which option do I use.

The first screen before adding your direct deposit account will explain the definitions of what each term means and the options are remainder, fixed, and percentage. If you are depositing your whole check to one account you can select "Remainder".

Background Checks

When will I receive my background check?

You will receive background check information after a signed accepted offer letter. If you do not receive a form, it means we did not receive your signed offer letter. Please allow up to 24 hours after you signed your offer letter to contact.

What email should I expect for the background check application?

You should be receiving an email from "Univeral Background". Click the link within the email to complete your background check.

How long do I have to complete my background check?

You will have about 3 business days to complete your background check application from the time you receive the email.

Drug Screen

Where do I take my drug screen?

A form will be sent out after your signed, accepted offer letter that will direct you where to go. If you do not receive a form, it means we have not received your signed offer letter. Reminder, in order to fully accept the position 4 additional documents will need to be signed.

When will I receive my drug screen authorization form?

This will be emailed to you after you sign your offer letter. Please wait up to 48 Hours to receive.

How long will I have to take my drug screen?

You will have about 3 buiness days (72 hours) to take your drug screen from the time you receive your authorization form.


When is employee orientation?

The employee orientation is the first week in June.

What should I expect my first day?

Meet and greet with and Serrato Corporation and Life Skills, and training.

What are performance standards?

Performance Standards also called Center Standards are the expectations of your job performance. We will have employees sign their postion's Performance Standards so employees will know the standards and goals relative to their position. We will use this form for evaluations.


I have additional questions, who can I contact?

You can email

Where is the transition room?

We will designate a transistion room when we come on center. However due to COVID restrictions. Meeting in person will be limited. Please contact us by email.

When will Serrato Coporation be on center?

Serrato Coporation will be on center starting the first week of May.